Lock Your Bike

It is important to lock your bike effectively in order to prevent bike theft. There are three main things to remember to protect your bike:

  • Have a good quality lock. A good quality lock can be expensive, but make sure you get the best one you can afford in order to secure your bike.
  • Lock your bike effectively. Make sure you secure all quick-release part of the bike, notably any quick release wheels. Also, ensure that your lock effectively goes through the frame and the bike or the lock cannot be easily slipped off.
  • Lock your bike in the correct location. Lock your bike to a bike rack, if available. If there is not a bike rack available, secure your bike to something that is not easily broken. Remember to think of others when locking up your bike and ensure that you are not blocking doorways or walkways. Try to bring your bike inside when leaving your bike for extended periods of time, such as during work hours or overnight. Or, if you are downtown, use the bike corral at the Central Parking Garage for added security.