Bike Maintenance

Every Day
Check your tire pressure to make sure your tires are properly inflated.
Check to ensure all your quick releases are tight and secure.
Ensure your brakes press firmly against the rims when they are engaged.
Every Week
Make sure your seat and handlebars are secure.
Check the batteries in your headlight and taillight to make sure they are fully charged.
Every Month
Wipe your chain to ensure it is clean. Once any excess dirt is wiped off, apply chain lube to ensure that the chain continues to operate smoothly.
Check your gears to make sure they are shifting correctly and smoothly. If they are not, it is time to take your bike into a mechanic.
Check your brakes to ensure they are operating correctly. Also check your brake pads to make sure they are not warn out.
Check your tires for bald spots and cables for any fraying.
Once a Year
Bring your bike to a mechanic to have it tuned up and checked out.