Metropolitan Planning Organization

Lincoln Travel Options Study

The purpose of this study is to identify the existing travel patterns of Lincolnites, document existing programs that help Lincolnites bike, walk, take transit, and share rides, and explore opportunities to formalize a Travel Options program to increase the number of people using alternative modes of travel. Although decreasing the number of people driving alone is a potential outcome of this study, it is not the only driver; the City of Lincoln/MPO and its partners are interested in developing a Travel Options program to support economic vitality in the region, improve health and air quality, and reduce peak hour congestion.

What is a Travel Options Program?

Travel Options programs encourage residents, commuters, and visitors to get out of the private automobile for more trips and provide opportunities for them to walk, bike, share rides, and take transit. These programs are coordinated efforts - between the City of Lincoln/MPO, the business community, universities and other institutions, and area nonprofits - that provide education, information, incentives, and other resources to encourage alternatives to driving alone. Partnerships - particularly with the business community - are key to the success of any Travel Options program.

Final Travel Options Report

Lincoln Travel Options Strategy
Final Report, Dec. 2013