1900  |  Joseph Haney

Joseph Haney was the driver of the police wagon known as the "Black Maria" because the wagon was painted black and the horses were black. The police wagon was sent out to pick up and transport prisoners from where the officers had them under arrest to the jail located at the Government Building. Haney's hat badge is marked "Driver".


Early 1900 photo of a building after the fire was put out by the Lincoln Fire Department. An LPD officer and a firefighter are photographed in the alley behind the building.

Courtesy of Lincoln Fire Department

Courtesy of Nebraska State Historical Society

1904  |  First City of Lincoln Annual Report

Starting in 1904, the City of Lincoln published an annual report and audit of city expenditures. In later years, not only did the report contain budget information but also included the number of officers on the department, the number of arrests and other LPD statistics. Note the patrolman's salary of approximately $678.55 a year.

Courtesy of Nebraska State Historical Society

1909  |  Hand written logs from Lincoln Police Department

Saturday Evening January 2, 1909 notation that "John T. Wright of 1150 Saratoga Avenue Phone 4835 given regular police star no. 14 (corrected to read 41), fire key #6, and whistle, detailed on beat #1"