Inspector Bob Sawdon and his daughter, Mary Pat, ringing bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas time.


Officers undergoing gun inspection before their shifts. From left to right: Larry Pierce, Art Banders, James Baird, Stanley Lehn, unknown, and Sgt. Ernie Berry.

Officer Marv Morgan pictured with students
at Saratoga School in the late 1960's.
Sergeant Bud Hynek with three meter maids, Dee Danley (front), followed by Betty Rezek and Donna Giles.


Police Inspector Robert Sawdon and Lt. Ron Flansburg model their new detective uniforms. Detectives were usually plainclothes officers. With uniforms, the detectives were able to do multiple service assignments.


The identification kit was instrumental in creating composite descriptions of suspects. The kit contained clear plastic layovers with a number of different facial expressions, features, hair styles and hats for both males and females. All of the layovers were numbered, meaning once the face had been formed, any law enforcement agency with the same kit could get the description by simply arranging the correct numbers.


The "What Would You Do?" articles were run in the Lincoln Journal Star to give examples of what you should do in certain situations.