Officer Running Radar

With this early 1970s Plymouth Fury cruiser, the single roof-mounted light
was replaced with a dual red-beacon and federal "visi-bar."

School Resource Officers

Officer Mike Eger, one of the first school resource officers,talking with students.

Sergeant Hewitt carrying a baby after an accident.
Sergeant Leitner at the former Communication Center.

Officer using a call box

Call Boxes

Officer Richard Heaton making a call from a downtown call box.

Call box locations:

7th and P St
8th and M St
9th and O St
10th and O St
12th and O St
13th and O St
15th and O St
17th and O St
19th and O St
23rd and O St
27th and O St

Also notice the 1st portable radio. The receiver and transmitter were two separate pieces.