Chief Anderson

Chief Sanford Walter Anderson

Chief from 1930 - 1933 and 1935 - 1941

Sanford Walter Anderson was born in LaPorte, Indiana on June 24, 1869. He moved to Lincoln at the age of 21. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1912, but returned to Lincoln in 1918.

Before he was hired by the police department in 1918, Walter worked in billiards and as a bartender in a saloon. He joined the department as a detective and became captain of the detectives only six months later.

An article in The Nebraska State Journal on June 18, 1922 tells about Walter being bit by a dog during an alcohol raid.

In 1933, Walter Anderson was appointed chief of police by Major Frank Zehrung and appointed as chief again in 1935 by Mayor Charles Bryan. Anderson was known for reorganizing and modernizing the police department; however, he was discharged because he refused to resign as chief.

Walter passed away on April 8, 1957. He is buried with his wife, Myrtle, in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Headline: Dog Bites Chief Detective

Byline:Walter Anderson Attacked by Bulldog When Making a Liquor Raid on North Fifteenth.

Walter Anderson, captain of Lincoln detectives, was bitten rather badly at 6 p. m. Friday by a large bulldog when he and other officers made a liquor raid on the house of Mrs. Ethel Brown, colored, 935 North Fifteenth Street. Mrs. Brown was in the yard when an automobile carrying the police drove up, and she ran into the house. Detective Anderson ran after her, caught her and attempted to hold her. At that moment the bull dog rushed in and grabbed the calf of his leg. He pulled the dog off. Later the dog-catcher took it to the pound. One gallon of whiskey was secured.

In March another raid had been attempted on the same place. The dog was tied under a porch at the time and would let no one approach him.

Dr. R. L. Bentley, who dressed Anderson's wound, states that it will not be serious if infection does not set in.

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