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Civilian Employee of the Year 2014

Police Services Specialist Lucinda Davis

Police Services Specialist Lucinda Davis is a twenty-two year veteran of the Lincoln Police Department. Lucinda has spent majority of that time at the LPD Service Desk, assisting in training new Service Desk Employees, providing never-ending updates to the Juvenile Court orders in the department's records management system, and all the while, treating the public with the utmost respect and spending as much time as was necessary to help answer their questions or provide other help to them as needed.

In October of 2012, Lucinda and her co-workers at the Service Desk were merged with the Lincoln Emergency Communications (911) Center, which eventually came under the umbrella of the Lincoln Police Department. The merge meant vast changes in location, co-workers, tasks and policies, yet Lucinda embraced the change and was able to continue providing quality service to the officers of the Lincoln Police Department and the citizens of Lincoln.

In fact, as a result of several personnel changes, Lucinda found herself thrust into receiving training on new and different computer and radio systems, but also training her new co-workers in the operation of the "Channel 50" information system, NCIC queries and entries as well as routine tasks once performed by the former Service Desk personnel. All the while, she still provided constant updates on the Juvenile Court orders and adjusting to new work hours. All of this seems staggering enough, but add to that the six-hundred hours of overtime hours worked by Lucinda in 2013.

Lucinda's work ethic, in itself, is very impressive. If you consider her work ethic, her positive attitude and her willingness to help when it's needed, it's no wonder she was nominated for the LPD 2014 Civilian Employee of the Year Award. The Awards Committee couldn't agree more and is very pleased to present Lucinda Davis with the 2014 Civilian Employee of the Year Award.