The Citizen Police Advisory Board (CPAB), coordinated by the Mayor's Office, was established to resolve citizen complaints regarding police performance. Complaints to the CPAB may be filed, in person, at the Mayor's Office. Within 30 working days of a complaint, two members of the Citizen Police Advisory Board meet with the complainant, the officers involved, and two members of the department. Recommendations on discipline and policy are based on these reviews.

During the quarterly meetings, board members report:

a. Whether there was or was not a basis for the allegations of the complaint.
b. Whether the complaint was resolved at the meeting.
c. Whether another meeting or meetings will be held to further attempt to resolve the complaint.
d. Whether the complaint is not likely to be resolved through the informal meeting procedure.

And Lincoln Police Department's Internal Affairs Unit presents the following information:

a. Statistics concerning complaints received by the Lincoln Police Department, and the disposition of those complaints.
b. A brief summary of each Level IV complaint investigation and disposition within the preceding quarter.
c. Statistical information concerning commendations, arrests and citations, and department workload.

Incident Summaries & Case Review

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Annual Summary 2019
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