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April 28, 2008
For More Information Contact:
Sergeant Don Arp, Northeast Team, 446.6007 x8306

Northeast Team to Test Segway Transporters

Through a cooperative trial project with Segway Inc.TM, the Northeast Team will be testing the viability of the Segway Personal Transporter TM as an alternative patrol option for restricted areas such parks and bike paths, and for some special projects and events. The Northeast Team will receive two Segway Personal Transporters TM to use for one week, May 8 -16, 2008. Officers will be trained by Segway and will use the system on all shifts and at the University Place Arts Festival on May 10th to evaluate its effectiveness and feasibility.

Captain Doug Srb said, “The Segway evaluation is another way the Northeast Team is testing non-traditional methods of providing police service to a growing community. Relocating the team operation from downtown to the Northeast Team Station in the old telephone building at 49th and Huntington was a huge change from what we did in the past, but has reaped dividends greater than anyone expected.” Opened just 16 months ago, the improved police community partnerships, a rededicated emphasis on community based policing projects, and a significant saving on fuel and vehicles mileage, has established a significant base of accomplishments upon which the Northeast can build other community projects. The Segway tests are part of our continued effort to explore every possibility to improved service, and doing so in an environmentally friendly way, using no gasoline.

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