Lincoln Police Officers can be hired for outside employment serving in the capacity as a police officer. Public Service Officers may also be hired for traffic control. All outside employment must be approved by the chief of police to ensure that there is a government interest associated with the duties to be performed.

How to request an off-duty employee

1. Contact the LPD's Outside Employment Coordinator at least three weeks prior to the event.

  • Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Phone: 402.441.7238
  • Fax: 402.441.7010
  • Email
2. Be prepared to provide:

Should I hire a police officer?

Off-duty assignments can be one-time or more permanent assignments. Police officers provide services related to security or law enforcement - typically providing protection for persons or property, maintaining order at events, and traffic or pedestrian control.

Outside employment which can be interpreted to be inconsistent with, in conflict with, or detrimental to, the interests of the City or the department will not be approved. The following types of work are examples which would not ordinarily be approved:

  • Private detective agencies;
  • Licensed liquor establishments;
  • Collection agencies;
  • Private security;
  • Employment outside of the city of Lincoln in a law enforcement capacity;
  • Any work in which the employee's position, title, or uniform is used to endorse or promote a product or service;
  • Any work that requires access to police records or files.

What powers does an off-duty police officer hold?

Lincoln Police officers are allowed to work public and private events while off-duty. Off-duty assignments are separate from an employee's regular duty shift with the City. Services offered are related to security or law enforcement which have a government interest, involve protection of persons or property, maintain order at events, and traffic or pedestrian control.

Off-duty officers do not provide any on-duty law enforcement response to criminal activity if the matter can be handled by an on-duty officer. Off-duty officers should attempt to contact on-duty officers if the use of police force is required.


  • Attire: Off-Duty police and public service officers will wear their issued uniforms unless authorized by the chief of police.

  • Equipment: Officers authorized to work outside employment can utilize standard issued equipment while working off-duty. Other equipment requests (vehicles, bicycles, canines, computers, etc.) outside standard issue must be authorized by the chief of police. The use of a cruiser will incur an additonal charge.

  • Cost: The rate for an officer is currently $45/hour and a supervisor is $50/hour. Both require a three hour minimim.

  • Insurance Coverage: Workman's compensation insurance is required in order to employ an off duty officer. Employers interested shall carry the statutory limits for Workers Compensation Insurance and a minimum of $1,000,000 general liability insurance coverage. The workman's compensation insurance covers anything that happens to the employee outside of normal law enforcement functions.