10th & Q Street

1886 - 1932

The first official headquarters for the Lincoln Police Department was at Haymarket Square. The actual structure was called the City Government Building and housed various city agencies including the police, fire and health departments.

323 North 10th Street

1932 - 1969

The second home to the police department was located once again with other city agencies in the Municipal Building. The Municipal Building was built on the site of the former City Government Building. This second headquarters would see such innovations as a modern jail with kitchen, shooting range in the basement and the first police radio system.

550 South 9th Street

1969 - 1979

By the mid 1960's, the decision was made to co-locate all county and city agencies in one building. Opening in 1969, this structure would be home to all public service agencies, courts, sheriff and police departments. The first 911 center was also located at this facility.

233 South 10th Street

1979 - 2000

By 1979, the Lincoln Police and Lancaster County Sheriff's Departments had outgrown their available space at the County/City Building. The police department moved into a "temporary" facility at 233 S. 10th Street. Budget constraints, however, would force the police department to remain there for the next 20 years.

575 South 10th Street


The County/City Building was remodeled in 1999 into a Hall of Justice dedicated to law enforcement, courts, legal services and 911 Communications. The lower level and first floor of the building is home to the Lincoln Police Department and Lancaster County Sheriff's Office. While these two law enforcement agencies operate independently, they work cooperatively and share resources.