1967 cadets standing in front of Cushman vehicles

1963-1980s Cushman parking enforcement vehicles

Cushmans were made in Lincoln

1970 Chevy Step Van

1970 Chevy Step-Van

Used for transport and evidence collection

1971 Bell helicopter

1971 Bell 47-G helicopter

Used until 1975

1976 Beechcraft Motor Home

1976 BeechCraft Motor Home

Used as Community Services vehicle

1986 Chevy Citation

1986 Chevy Citations

Two purchased for parking enforcement

Geo Trackers

1993-1995 Geo Trackers

Five purchased for parking enforcement

1995 Cushman money cart

1995 Cushman money cart

One used to empty parking meters


1996 Dodge "DARE" van

Driven by members of the Community Services Unit

1996 Pontiac Pontiac Grand Am


Detective vehicles were repainted for use as parking enforcement vehicles (Ford Taurus, Pontiac 6000, Grand Am, etc.) Parking enforcement vehicles retained the blue & white paint scheme from 1977-96.

SWAT bus

1998 Ford SWAT Bus

2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine

2002 Toyota Prius Parking Enforcement Vehicle

Gas-Electric hybrid engine that could travel up to 615 miles on a tank of gas