Access Management Policy
Access management balances the need to provide access to individual properties and developments while protecting the effective and safe flow of traffic on the surrounding road system. The City is publishing these standards to the public in one clear, easily accessible document. The goal is to provide our community, including neighborhoods, developers and property owners thorough, clear guidelines to be used in finding the correct balance between our competing values.
ADA Transition Plan for Public Works & Utilities Buildings (12 K) PDF Document
The following is updated information related to the City of Lincoln's A.D.A. Transition Plan and the "Non-Right-of-Way Facilities" for the Public Works & Utilities Department. This information is an update to the information provided in the 1992 A.D.A. Transition Plan.
ADA Transition Plan for ROW Facilities (3.51 M) Acrobat Document
The Public Works & Utilities Department, in association with the Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department, has developed a Pedestrian Facilities Transition Plan which details all facets of pedestrian facility installation and repair. The Transition Plan includes a commitment by the community for: 1) Installation of new pedestrian facilities; 2) Repair of existing pedestrian facilities; and 3) Installation of curb ramps in compliance with ADA standards.
Annual Reports
Public Works and Utilities reports from 2006, and FY 08-09
2012 Crash Study (3.54 M) Acrobat Document
The City of Lincoln conducts Traffic Crash Analyses annually to plan for safety improvements to the City's roadway infrastructure.
Executive Planning Documents
Executive Planning Elements • Strategic Plan • Operations Overview
Lincoln Water System Facilities Master Plan
The 2013 Facilities Master Plan will provide a guide for the short-term and long-term improvements for the infrastructure of LWS through the year 2060.
LPSNRD Hazard Mitigation Plan
The goal of the Lower Platte South Natural Resource District hazard mitigation planning project is to make residents, businesses, property owners, operators of critical infrastructure, and jurisdictions less susceptible to the affects of future disasters by increasing the disaster resistance of the district and the jurisdictions located within its boundary.
Mayor's Road Design Technical Task Force Final Report (1.61 M) Acrobat Document
The Mayor's Road Design Standards Technical Task Force is hereby charged to evaluate the standards for roadway design and construction looking at current design standards and industry practices. The Task Force is asked to ratify existing procedures or to make recommendations to the Mayor and Council that propose to amend, refine or change such processes.
This bimonthly publication features news and events from the divisions of Public Works and Utilities. Also included are the employee "Strong Linc Awards."
Solid Waste Management Plan
The Solid Waste Management Plan for Lincoln and Lancaster County is a guidance document, communication tool, and a resource for policy decisions regarding solid waste management systems, facilities and programs.
Wheel Tax
LMC Chapter 3.20 - Street Improvement Vehicle Tax