Little Free Libraries in Lincoln

A "Little Free Library" is a small box, often located outdoors, which is designed to hold books for people to share. The concept is gaining popularity in Lincoln.

Little Free Libraries are constructed by citizens or other private groups, and are not associated with Lincoln City Libraries.

Little Free Library near 39th and Sheridan Little Free Library near 39th and Sheridan

Where to Locate a Little Free Library

If you are considering constructing a Little Free Library, one of the things you need to evaluate is placement of the structure. Your Little Free Library should be located on private property. Install the library on your property, which generally begins between the sidewalk and your home or business (usually a few feet behind the sidewalk), and not on the apron between the sidewalk and the street. If you are unsure of your property line boundary, please contact a land surveyor to identify or establish property markers. Also, please call call Digger's Hotline (811) to mark all underground utilities in the immediate area of placement.

By keeping your little library out of the right-of way, it will remain easily accessible to pedestrians, and will ensure the safety of those using the library and drivers on adjacent streets.

Where Not to Locate a Little Free Library

City ordinance PDF prohibits objects from being placed in the public right-of-way – the area between the sidewalk and the street – so please avoid this area when installing your library. The right-of-way is reserved for public utilities (above and below ground), snow storage and mailboxes. This area can be disrupted during construction and maintenance activities, and it's possible that large objects in the right-of-way may obstruct the vision of drivers.

For More Information

If you have any questions about whether the placement of your library is in conflict with City code, please contact:

Public Works and Utilities, Engineering Services
Greg Topil

For more information about Little Free Libraries and for tips on how to successfully install one, please visit