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Portion of S. 40th Street Closed Today (12/12/18)
Water Main Work Begins at 11th and “N” Streets Today (12/12/18)
Portion of “N” Street to Be Temporarily Reduced to One Lane (12/3/18)
Portion of South 70th Street Reopened With New Roundabout (11/30/18)
New Downtown Trolley Debuts at Winter Lights Event December 7 (11/30/18)
Separation of Grass and Leaves Ends December 1 (11/29/18)
Portion of N.W. 12th Street to Close November 19 (11/19/18)
Portion of South 40th Street to Close Today (11/16/18)
Portion of South 56th Street to Temporarily Close Today (11/16/18)
N. 10th Street Downtown Temporarily Reduced to Two Lanes (11/15/18)
Mayor Beutler Recognizes Local Recycling Leaders (11/15/18)
Portion of Normal Boulevard Reopened (11/14/18)
North 33rd Street Closure Extended to November 20 (11/14/18)
Lincoln to Celebrate America Recycles Day (11/14/18)
Portion of North 70th to Close Tomorrow (11/13/18)
Portion of North 33rd Street to Close November 12 (11/9/18)
Portion of Normal Boulevard to Close November 14 (11/9/18)
Portion of Holdrege Street to Close Wednesday (11/6/18)
Havelock Avenue Improvements Begin Monday (11/2/18)
Portion of N. 48th Street to Close Monday (11/2/18)
Mayor Says City Continuing to Pursue Shuttle Project (10/29/18)
Portion of Westbound "O" Street to Close October 29 (10/26/18)
Storm Debris Drop-Off Sites to Close Monday (10/24/18)
StarTran Now Using Simulator for Driver Training (10/19/18)
StarTran to Offer Free Boo at the Zoo Shuttle Service (10/19/18)
Antelope Creek Removed From Impaired Waters List (10/18/18)
City Replaces Two Closed Recycling Sites (10/17/18)
Designated Areas Now Available for Storm Debris (10/15/18)
South 13th Street Project Starts October 21 (10/15/18)
"O" Street Viaduct Reduced to Single Lanes October 15 (10/10/18)
West "O" Bridge Repairs Begin September 30 (9/28/18)
Portion of Pioneers Boulevard to Close Monday (9/28/18)
Portion of Rokeby Road to Close Monday (9/21/18)
Portion of S. 40th Street to Close Monday (9/21/18)
Portion of S. 70th Street to Close Saturday (9/19/18)
Portions of Adams Street to Close Monday (9/14/18)
Portion of Rokeby Road Closed (9/14/18)
Open House for 56th and Yankee Hill Project Set for September 11 (9/7/18)
City and County Urge Caution and Preparedness as Creeks Rise (9/4/18)
Signal Out at 11th and "O" Streets (9/2/18)
Rosa Parks Way Bridge Repairs Begin September 4 (8/31/18)
Salt Creek Stabilization Project at Pioneers Blvd. Begins September 4 (8/31/18)
Hwy. 34 and W. Fletcher Lane Closures Begin September 4 (8/30/18)
Rock Island Trail Closures Begin September 4 (8/30/18)
Capital City Ready for Gameday Traffic (8/27/18)
Mayor Says Facts Support 13th Street Improvements (8/24/18)
N. 66th and Fremont Intersection Opens Today (8/22/18)
Temporary Closings of W. Van Dorn Street at Hwy 77 Begin Today (8/21/18)
Eleven New CNG Buses Start Service This Week (8/21/18)
Mayor Says New Budget Will Keep City Moving Forward (8/21/18)
Public Should Avoid Portion of Irvingdale Park (8/17/18)
Replacement of Downtown Water Mains Begins Monday (8/17/18)
Additional Valuation Revenue to Be Set Aside for Streets (8/16/18)
Final Open House Set for Regional Water Quality Plan (8/15/18)
Portion of Salt Creek Roadway to Close Saturday Night (8/9/18)
Portion of North 14th Street Closed (8/8/18)
Portion of N. 16th Street Closed (8/2/18)
Autonomous Shuttle Survey Ends Saturday (8/2/18)
S. Coddington and West Van Dorn Intersection Opens Saturday (7/27/18)
N. 56th and Holdrege Intersection to Close Monday (7/26/18)
Starting Sunday, Intersections Will Partially Close Overnight (7/26/18)
Public Urged to Take Virtual Ride and Survey on Autonomous Shuttle (7/23/18)
Portion of Superior Street to Close Monday (7/20/18)
N. 56th Street and Leighton Avenue Intersection to Close Saturday (7/20/18)
Mayor Says Delaying Project Would Be Costly (7/19/18)
Car Wash Available for Sealant Removal Today, This Weekend (7/13/18)
Portion of North 48th Street to Close Nightly Beginning July 16 (7/13/18)
Portion of "A" Street Temporarily Closed (7/13/18)
Haymarket Street Closures Change July 16 (7/12/18)
Mayor Proposes Budget Change to Add About $2.8 Million for Streets (7/10/18)
Portion of Saltillo Road to Close During Daytime Hours (7/6/18)
Citywide Asphalt Sealing Project Begins July 10 (7/6/18)
Bridges on Sheridan Boulevard to Close July 9 (7/6/18)
North 10th Street Now Open (7/5/18)
Portion of Northbound N. 27th Street Closed (7/3/18)
Haymarket Street Closures Change July 9 (7/3/18)
Portion of Northbound N. 48th Street Closed (7/2/18)
Public Rides on Autonomous Shuttle Begin Thursday (6/25/18)
Stream Stability Project Begins July 9 (6/22/18)
Improvements at S. 48th and Highway 2 Begin July 2 (6/21/18)
Arrival of Autonomous Shuttle Begins Next Phase of Project (6/20/18)
Portion of Holdrege Street to Close Through June 20 (6/14/18)
S. 84th Street and Yankee Hill Road Repairs Begin Today (6/13/18)
Portion of S. Coddington and West Van Dorn Intersection Closed (6/11/18)
Public Will Be Invited to Try Automated Shuttle (6/5/18)
Improvements at N. 66th and Fremont Begin June 4 (6/1/18)
New Hazardous Materials Collection Center Summer Schedule (6/1/18)
Open House Set for S. 13th Street Improvements (5/30/18)
Open House for West "A" Improvement Project Set for June 7 (5/29/18)
N. 27th and Superior Repairs Start June 4 (5/24/18)
StarTran’s CNG Project Receives $3.4 Million in Grants (5/24/18)
StarPass Offers Unlimited Summer Rides for Youth (5/22/18)
N. 56th Street Resurfacing Project Begins Monday (5/18/18)
Open House Set for Improvements at N. 66th and Fremont (5/18/18)
Mayor Presents Awards in Annual Water Conservation Poster Contest (5/17/18)
Final Open House for S. 14th and Old Cheney Improvements Set for May 22 (5/16/18)
Mayor Recognizes Businesses for Recycling Efforts (5/14/18)
Portion of N. 27th Street to Reopen Today (5/11/18)
Portion of Saunders Avenue to Close Wednesday (5/10/18)
Portion of N. 27th Street Closed Through May 14 (5/7/18)
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Scheduled for Saturday May 5th (5/3/18)
Open House Set for North 33rd and Cornhusker Project (5/2/18)
Portion of South 14th Street Reopened (4/20/18)
Portion of S. 40th Street to Close Tonight (4/20/18)
Portion of 14th Street Now Closed (4/20/18)
Portion of N. 66th Street Closed Today (4/20/18)
Portion of Downtown "O" Street to Close Sunday (4/20/18)
Lincoln Welcomes Spring Game Visitors (4/13/18)
Portion of N. 70th Street Closed Today (4/11/18)
S. Coddington and West Van Dorn Intersection Project to Resume Monday (4/10/18)
Portion of S. 48th Street Closed Until Friday (4/10/18)
City Compost Site Fire Under Control (4/4/18)
Portion of S. 40th Street to Close Tonight (3/30/18)
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Scheduled for Saturday April 7th (3/28/18)
Recycling Education Event is Saturday (3/28/18)
StarTran's "Stuff the Bus" Event is April 7 and 8 (2/28/18)
City Installing Additional Cardboard Recycling Containers at Libraries (3/28/18)
N.W. 48th Street Repairs Begin April 2 (3/26/18)
Garbage and Recycling Collectors Share "Take it to the Bin" Message (3/23/18)
Separation of Yard Waste Begins April 1 (3/23/18)
Public Invited to Final Open House on Deadman's Run Floodplain Study (3/20/18)
Open House Set for Stormwater Improvement Project (3/6/18)
Public Invited to Apply for Landscape Funding (3/5/18)
South 56th, Yankee Hill Intersection Gets Four-Way Stop (3/2/18)
Drivers Stop Less, Save Time With Green Light Lincoln (3/1/18)
Driverless Shuttle Demo Makes Lincoln a Finalist in 2018 Mayors Challenge (2/23/18)
"Take It to the Bin" Campaign Encourages Cardboard Recycling (2/22/18)
Irvingdale Park Improvements Begin February 19 (2/16/18)
Open House Set for North 33rd and Cornhusker Project (2/12/18)
Public Can Now Use "UPLNK" for Speedy Repairs (2/12/18)
Pine Lake Road Tree Removal Project Begins Today (2/8/18)
Open House for Pine Lake Road Project is February 13 (2/8/18)
Lincoln Joins Waze Connected Citizens Program (2/8/18)
Improvements Require Wilderness Park Tree Removal (2/7/18)
Tree Removal for Drainage Project Starts January 29 (1/25/18)
Portion of S. 9th Street Closed Until January 31 (1/25/18)
Havelock Avenue Now Open (1/24/18)
Portion of Havelock Ave. to Remain Closed (1/23/18)
N. 84th Street and Havelock Avenue Temporarily Closed (1/22/18)
Portion of Pine Lake Road to Temporarily Close During Daytime Hours (1/19/18)
Transportation Coalition Issues Recommendations (1/11/18)
Final Open House Set for Watershed Master Plans (1/5/18)

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