"P" St. Streetscape Project

11th Street to Centennial Mall

Project Overview

The City of Lincoln Public Works Department is currently working with the Urban Development Department and Hausmann Construction on the completion of the "P" Street Streetscape Project. This project is a part of the greater Downtown Lincoln Master Plan PDF and continues to build on the growth and redevelopment taking place in the Downtown area. Construction on the project is expected to be substantially complete by August 2014, weather permitting.

As a part of the project, sidewalks and pedestrian areas along "P" Street are being reconstructed on both the north and south sides of the street from 11th Street to Centennial Mall, as well as along with the east side of 14th Street from "O" Street to the alley between "P" and "Q" streets. Work includes the construction of storm water retention swales and new storm water inlets to help manage and treat the storm water runoff. Landscaping and planting will be incorporated into planting beds with existing mature trees to enhance the environmental integrity of the corridor. All curb ramps and sidewalks in the public right-of-way will be reconstructed to meet ADA standards. Improvements along "P" Street will incorporate permeable pavers, wood decking, and traditional concrete sidewalks to further enhance the corridor. Pedestrian benches and bike racks will be installed with the project, along with new roadway and pedestrian lighting. Parking will be modified in certain areas along the project corridor and new parking meters will be installed.

Additional project information including background information and illustrated drawings can be found on the Downtown Lincoln Association's web page.

Vehicular Traffic

Throughout the duration of the project, "P" Street will remain open to traffic, although there will be times when traffic is shifted or the number of lanes is reduced. This will be communicated to motorists using message boards on the street, through updates on the City Street Closure List and through regular updates to this webpage.

Pedestrian Traffic

Pedestrian traffic along the corridor will be maintained and businesses will remain open to the public throughout the duration of the project. Access to businesses will be maintained via coordination between the City, the contractor, and businesses/property owners. Temporary re-routing of pedestrians will be necessary during certain phases of construction due to the location of the project work. These pedestrian routes will be marked with appropriate signage directing where pedestrians should go.

Construction Update - April 7, 2014

The project continues to take shape and construction activities have advanced to the east. As always, please remember that all businesses remain open throughout the course of the project. Sidewalk closures do continue to change on a regular basis so please pay attention to the pedestrian routing that is in place when trying to access a particular business. Parking along the completed blocks will be restored as soon as possible with weather permitting the application of parking stall lines. Parking Services will coordinate the installation of parking meters during this process as well.

Work along the south side of the street between 11th Street and 12th Street has been cleared of all traffic and pedestrian control devices. The sidewalk pavers have been completed and the bioretention and planting areas have been filled with soil. Temporary light poles will be installed along this block until the permanent units are available, and the stone benches will also be installed as soon as they are available. Additional furniture items will also be installed as soon as possible.

Work along the south side of the street from 12th Street to 13th Street continues with the increase in ground temperatures. All of the sidewalk and brick pavers around the southeast corner at 12th Street are complete. Backfill of planters and bioretention areas has also taken place. The wood deck at this corner will be constructed after fabrication of the metal frame is completed. The southwest corner of 13th Street will continue to move forward with the completion of the curb ramps, light pole bases, planting areas, and a bioretention area. This work can be expected to take place over the next couple of weeks.

The south side of the street between 13th and 14th Streets is also underway. The contractor will maintain a pedestrian corridor along this block allowing the access to all businesses while they complete the work with the underground silva cells and parking setback areas. The driveway to the University Square parking garage will be impacted beginning the week of April 14. During that time the access to this garage will be available from 14th Street only.

The sidewalk on the east side of 14th Street from "O" to "P" Streets has also been undertaken. The contractor has poured sidewalk and will be able to maintain a pedestrian corridor, with access to all businesses, as they complete the work with the underground silva cells and parking setback areas.

Beginning on Monday, April 14, the intersection of "P" St. and Centennial Mall will be reduced to one lane with all traffic shifted to the north side of "P" St. This work is expected to take 30 days and will involve the removal and replacement of all pavement and sidewalks in the intersection. The signal at Centennial Mall will be turned off for the duration of this work allowing traffic to move through the intersection with less restriction. The pedestrian crossings will be closed and pedestrians detoured to the nearest signalized intersections. The Nebraska History Museum and the Lincoln Children's Museum will be open and accessible for the duration of this work.

Project Contacts

If you have any questions or comments regarding the project, please contact any of the following people for more information:

  • Zach Becker

    Project Manager
    City of Lincoln – Engineering Services

  • Kris Humphrey

    Project Engineer
    City of Lincoln – Engineering Services

  • Hallie Salem

    Downtown Re-Development Planner
    City of Lincoln – Urban Development

  • Andrew Christensen

    Project Manager
    Hausmann Construction