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Watershed Management

LPSNRD Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Table of Contents

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Download Complete Report (9.58 M)

Cover Page and Table of Contents (215 K)
Plan Summary (57 K)
Organization of the Plan
Section 1: Introduction (43 K)
Lower Platte South Natural Resources District
Purpose of the Plan
Plan Financing and Preparation
Utilizing the Multi-Jurisdictional Approach
Resolutions Approving the Plan
Section 2: Planning Process (284 K)
  • Documenting the Planning Process
Key Personnel, and Members of the Public Involved
  • Opportunity for Public Involvement
  • Opportunity for Neighboring Communities
Participant Jurisdictions
  • Rural Water Districts (RWDs)
  • Sanitary Improvement Districts (SIDs)
  • Indirect Participation
General Plans, Documents, and Information Used
Section 3: Risk Assessment (539 K)
Differing Demographics or Local Situations
Critical Facilities
Non-occurring Hazards
Hazards Identified in the Planning Area
  • Severe Winter Storm
  • Tornado and High Winds
  • Severe Thunderstorm
  • Flooding
  • Extreme Heat
  • Drought
  • Earthquake
  • Wildfire
  • Landslide
  • Dam Failure
  • Levee Failure
Section 4: Mitigation Strategy (211 K)
Development of Goals
Mitigation Alternatives (Action Items)
  • Importance of NFIP
  • Participant Mitigation Alternatives
  • Lower Platte South NRD Participant Project Matrix
  • Previous Mitigation Alternatives
Section 5: Plan Implementation and Maintenance (25 K)
Monitoring, Evaluation, and Updating the Plan
Incorporation into Existing Planning Mechanisms
Continued Public Involvement
Section 6: Participant Sections (1.42 M)
Appendix A: Adoption Letters (11 K)
Appendix B: Documentation of Public Involvement (4.14 M)
Appendix C: Worksheets and Information from Communities (3.26 M)
Appendix D: Worksheets to Assist Community in Review and Updates (27 K)

Watershed Management