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The Urban Development Department is the "youngest" City department. Perhaps that helps explain some of the dissimilar functions included under the UDD umbrella. Beginning in the late 1970's, UDD managed Lincoln's share of federal Community Development Block Grant funds. That's still one of our primary responsibilities, but several others have been added: coordinating acquisition and sales of City property, serving as the City's Redevelopment Authority, and managing public parking resources.

Even with the disparity of those responsibilities, these ideals guide our efforts:

In 2017, Urban Development was re-organized into three divisions: Economic Opportunity, Liveable Neighborhoods, and Administration. All redevelopment efforts and management of public parking resources are functions of the Economic Opportunity Division. The Liveable Neighborhood Division works to increase safe, affordable housing, support neighborhood vitality, and address homelessness issues. The Administation Division makes sure federal requirements are met and assists the other divisions through financial management, data analysis, and information communication.

UDD staff work from two locations:

County-City Building, 555 S. 10th Street, Suite 205
This is the "main office" where the Administration and Livable Neighborhoods Divisions and most of the Economic Opportunity Division are located.
Park & Go, 850 Q Street
City Parking Services, part of the Economic Opportunity Division, is co-located with the Park & Go. Parking Services manages the City's contract with Park & Go, a private provider.

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