Greater Lincoln Workforce Investment Plan

2012-14 Plan (847 K PDF)
The Plan guides the both the One Stop Career Center and the Greater Lincoln Workforce Investment Board in efforts to help participating workers get and keep good jobs and to help businesses get and keep good workers.
Plan Attachments (22.57 M PDF)
  1. Signed Assurances
  2. Budget, Participant, and Exit Summary Form - Adult
  3. Budget, Participant, and Exit Summary Form - Dislocated Worker
  4. Budget, Participant, and Exit Summary Form - Youth
  5. Budget Summary - Administration
  6. Local Area Participant Appeals Procedure
  7. CEO Agreement
  8. CEO-WIB Agreement
  9. Local Area Complaint and Grievance Policy and/or Procedure
  10. Local Area Customized Training Policy and/or Procedure
  11. Local Area Equal Opportunity Policy Statement
  12. Local Area Individual Training Account Policy
  13. Memorandums of Understanding
  14. Local Area On-the-Job Training Policy and/or Procedure
  15. Proof of Publication of the Public Notice
  16. Public Comments on the Plan
  17. Local Area Rapid Response Procedure
  18. Signature Sheet
  19. Local Area Supportive Services Policy
  20. WIB By-Laws
  21. WIB Membership List
  22. Youth Council Membership List
None at this time