2012 Stormwater Improvement Bond Issue

Election Date:
November 6, 2012
Total Bond Issue:
$7.9 Million
For more Information:
Public Works and Utilities Department 402-441-7589
lincoln.ne.gov, keyword: watershed

What Does This Bond Issue Include?

This bond issue will provide for:

  • design and construction of eight urban storm drainage projects (listed below)
  • flood reduction project for urban watershed in the 56th and Morton area (listed below)
  • stream rehabilitation and waterway work on Parks and Recreation property (listed below)
  • design and construction of master planned basin projects (listed below)
  • water quality projects incorporating best management practices
  • preliminary engineering for basin master plans to model drainage and determine future projects

What Will These Projects Do?

The improvements will:

  • reduce stormwater runoff and flooding if major rains occur
  • reduce flooding impacts from major stream channels
  • prevent or repair degraded stream channels
  • improve water quality

What is the Impact on Taxpayers?

Approval of the bond issue gives the City the authority to issue general obligation bonds and levy an annual tax rate to finance the projects. Assuming the current interest rates, this bond issue will cost the owner of a $150,000 home about $5.40 per year.

Where are These Projects?

PDF Version of Fact Sheet (496 K) PDF


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