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The Treasurer's Office is diligent in seeking avenues to save money yet provide convenience to our taxpayers. You may now print your property tax receipt and/or statement here.

The Treasurer's Office will no longer send out tax receipts unless the homeowner contacts our office and makes a request. This will save the Treasurer's Office thousands of dollars in mailing costs. To print a copy of your receipt, find your property using the following ways to search.

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The public information contained herein is furnished as a public service by the Lancaster County Treasurer's Office. All information was collected for the purpose of developing the annual Property Tax Roll as provided for the Chapter 77 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes. The Lancaster County Treasurer's Office makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information for any other particular use. Furthermore, the Lancaster County Treasurer's Office assumes no liability associated with the use or misuse of said information.