American Rescue Plan

The American Rescue Plan provides a wide variety of resources for our nation to address health and economic recovery. Additional information can be found at The plan specifically provides state and local fiscal recovery funds for use at the local level. This plan outlines the Lincoln/Lancaster County plan for these funds. Additional information about local funds may be found at

The American Rescue Plan in Lincoln/Lancaster County

City of Lincoln ARPA Spending Progress

The American Rescue Plan contributes to recovery in our community. Initiatives include direct support to families, businesses, and community services. The initiative includes childcare tax credits, housing assistance, help for schools, and much more. See a summary of benefits for Lincoln and Lancaster County(PDF, 111KB).

State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds have been allocated to Lincoln and Lancaster County. These funds may be used for responding to the public health emergency or negative economic impacts, infrastructure, revenue replacement, and other specific purposes.

In consideration of the use of these funds, the following priorities were considered:

  • Promote equity and economic impact.
  • Avoid duplication of other efforts and funding streams.
  • Leverage matching funds when practical.
  • Build on existing plans and initiatives, especially formally adopted plans through public processes.

The following priorities have been identified:

Restore Our Economy

Support a diverse, thriving, and growing local economy

  • Deploy business mortgage and rental assistance to stabilize and grow businesses most impacted by the pandemic (Mayor’s Economic Recovery Task Force)

Invest in job training for workers and employers

  • Develop job training programs that serve individuals most impacted by the pandemic, including low-wage workers and youth, and have a clear connection to workforce demand (Mayor’s Economic Recovery Task Force)

Restore revenue lost during the pandemic

  • Ensure that city services that lost revenue due to the pandemic can provide stable services into the future

Strengthen infrastructure

  • Expand access to broadband service so businesses and communities thrive and grow and improve the resilience, capacity, and flexibility of  rural water

Renew Community Commitments

Support equitable public health initiatives

  • Invest in public health programs including future vaccination efforts and addressing health disparities

Support services for people disproportionately impacted by the pandemic

  • Invest in nonprofit organizations serving individuals in need of health and economic recovery services, like mental health care, childcare, and violence prevention services (In partnership with the Joint Budget Committee)

Reflect Partnerships between Lincoln and Lancaster County

Priority City County Total % of Total
Restore Our Economy
Business Assistance $9.2M - $9.2M 8.56%
Workforce Development $13.5M - $13.5M 12.56%
Local Government Services $10M $5M $15M 13.95%
Increased Air Service Incentive Program $1.5M $1.5M $3M 2.79%
Rural Water - $2M $2M 1.86%
Broadband Development - $10M $10M 9.3%
Rural Transportation: Culvert Replacement - $2.5M $2.5M 2.33%
Renew Our Community Commitments
Public Health $7M $3.5M $10.5M 9.77%
Attractions and Public Spaces $4.3M $11M $15.3M 14.23%
Nonprofit Support - $21M $21M 19.53%
Community Corrections Support - $4M $4M 3.72%
Rural Fire Districts Radio Upgrade - $0.5M $0.5M 0.47%
Administration and Oversight $0.5M $0.5M $1M 0.93%
Totals $46M $61.5M $107.5M 100.00%


Past Programs


Priorities were developed based on existing city plans, programs, and processes, such as the Mayor’s Economic Recovery Task Force.  Community residents were also invited to participate in a survey conducted by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners.  Grant allocations will be awarded through existing boards and commissions when appropriate.  For example, Human Services funding will be awarded through the existing Joint Budget Committee.

Reports, Surveys, and Commissions consulted include but are not limited to:

Federal Reporting

Workforce Development Program


Program Contact Information

  • City Contact: Grace Willnerd, ARPA Compliance Administrator - 531-207-9200
  • County Contact: Dave Derbin, Chief Administrative Officer - 402-441-7447
  • Nonprofit Contact: Sara Hoyle, Human Services Director - 402-441-4944
  • Public Health Contact: Leah Bucco-White - 402-441-8000

To report fraud, waste or abuse please email


Frequently Asked Questions

Could you use these resources for tax relief?

Rainy day funds, financial reserves or fees or issues of new debt or pensions are not allowable uses of the funds(short term contingencies are allowed, but funds must be spent out by 2024).  There are limits on capital construction unless related to the pandemic health or economic recovery response directly. Recipient governments are prohibited from directly or indirectly offsetting a reduction in net tax revenue resulting from a change in law, regulation, or administrative interpretation during the covered period.

What about investing in other allowed purposes?

Avoiding duplication is a priority for our community.  Other allowed purposes, like support for workers, duplicate other programs like direct payments and child care assistance, or other national initiatives, like infrastructure investments currently being debated in Congress.

What process was used for determining priorities?

  1. Review of ARPA allowable uses
  2. Review of ARPA funds being directly allocated to other purposes, like housing and education
  3. Review of existing plans, surveys and recommendations
  4. Consultation of boards and commissions
  5. Ongoing discussions for deployment and distribution through existing structures, like the Joint Budget Committee

How will you ensure transparency of funds deployed?

 Information will be posted on this website as funds are allocated.

When will funds start being used?

  • Some funding will be distributed soon, like the funding allocated to the Lincoln/Lancaster County Public Health Department
  • Other programs will roll out over time, monitor our webpage for additional details.

How do I participate in the programs outlined?

Monitor the "program details" section of this website, as well as news releases from the City and the County. Programs will be announced on a rolling basis.

How does this plan promote equity?

Workforce, nonprofit, small business and other assistance programs in this plan will proactively integrate equity principles. For example, outreach activities will include female and minority owned small businesses and the Joint Budget Committee will specifically encourage applications for nonprofit support to achieve equity goals.

What do I do if I need immediate help?

You may apply for rental assistance here:   Other resources to help you or your family may be found here: