Urban Development

The Urban Development department is responsible for managing Lincoln's share of federal Community Development Block Grant funds, serving as the City's Redevelopment Authority, coordinating acquisition of Right of Way and sales of City property, and managing public parking resources. The department includes three divisions:

Economic Opportunity: Redevelopment efforts and management of public parking resources 

Livable Neighborhoods: Works to increase safe, affordable housing, support neighborhood vitality, and address homelessness issues

Administration: Ensures federal requirements are met and assists the other divisions with financial management, data analysis, and information communication



Frequently Asked Questions

Where is UDD within the County-City Building?
We are located on the 2nd floor in the northwest corner
In the Emergency Repair program, what is an emergency?
It's an emergency when a homeowner isn't safe in their home because something isn't working - a roof, a furnace or hot water heater, or electrical panel, for example. 
Is my house/property within the City Limits?
Use this interactive mapping tool which includes City limits, Low- to Moderate-Income areas and US Census tracts. Use the map tools to zoom in as needed.
What is TIF?
TIF is an abbreviation for Tax Increment Financing, a tool used by the City to encourage redevelopment. 
Why isn't my neighborhood included in your list of neighborhoods?
There are three possibilities -- your organization may be a homeowners association, inactive, or new. 



Department Head

Peter Hind