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Aging Partners continues to provide services which are adapted to the new COVID Medical Directives. Aging Partners facilities are now open to walk-in traffic.  Access to Information and Referral, Case Management, Legal Services, Medicaid Waiver and Home Delivered Meals are available by calling 402-441-7070.

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Department Head

Randall S. Jones

Randall S. Jones

Engagement of the entire community in supporting our most mature citizens is a key goal for Randy. Dramatic increases in the number of seniors living in our community provide great opportunities for programming, infrastructure, recreation and services that meet this increasing demand. Aging is a journey… let’s celebrate what we have to offer.

Aging Partners plans, coordinates and advocates for older people in our eight-county area. Our mission is to enhance daily living, expand personal choices and educate the community to ensure the independence and full life of the people we serve.

The Advisory Council is an advisory board to Aging Partners and its signatory member counties.


  • to support and further the goals and mission of Aging Partners.
  • to act as the advocate for older citizens of the eight-county area regarding their concerns, needs, problems and issues;
  • to identify and define the most pressing needs and concerns of the areas older citizens;
  • to assist in the development of effective plans to meet identified needs on a prioritized and continuing basis;
  • to develop, or cause to be developed, needed services, programs, or efforts to meet those identified needs and concerns;
  • to monitor and evaluate services and programs for older residents to ensure that service objectives are being set in concert with the identified needs and concerns and that those objectives are being met;
  • to act as a sounding board for staff by providing review and input on new or revised initiatives, strategies and projects.


  • The membership of the Advisory Council shall come from the current signatory members to Aging Partners as of July 1 each year. The membership is based in part on the proportional relationship of each county's age 60 and over population and shall be as follows:
  • Each county shall be entitled to one representative.
  • Additionally, each county shall be entitled to one additional representative for each group of 4,000 age 60 and over residents.
  • Counties with less than 4,000 – 60 and over will have at least one additional representative.
  • At least half of each county's representatives to the Advisory Council must be age 60 and over.


Appointment of representatives to the Aging Partners Advisory Council shall be the responsibility of each county's elected governing board. However, the representatives of the Primary County shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Lincoln with the concurrence of the Lincoln City Council. Current board members are:

  • Tammy Burton-Fikar, Butler County
  • Greg Janak, Butler County
  • Linda Heinisch, Fillmore County
  • Gloria Aron, Lancaster County
  • Shari Busch, Lancaster County
  • Dennis Buckley, Lancaster County
  • Keith Larsen, Lancaster County
  • Lee Kreimer, Lancaster County
  • Jenika Long, Lancaster County
  • John Wyvill, Lancaster County
  • Vern Schulte, Lancaster County
  • Michael L. Simonsen, Polk County
  • Alan Gissler, Polk County
  • Kathy Stokebrand, Saline County
  • Susan Burkey, Seward County
  • Fran Reinert, York County

Nebraska Area Agencies on Aging

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General Information
402-441-7070 or 800-247-0938
1005 "O" St., Lincoln, NE 68508

Health and Fitness
555 S. 9th St., Lincoln, NE  68508


Fillmore County Senior Services
1120 "F" St., Geneva, NE  68361

Live & Learn, Living Well Magazine, Media
Public Relations
1005 "O" St., Lincoln, NE  68508


Polk County Senior Services
101 W. 5 St., Stromsburg, NE  68666

1005 "O" St., Lincoln, NE  68508 


Saline Eldercare
109 W. 3rd St., Wilber, NE  68465

Senior Centers
1005 "O" St., Lincoln, NE  68508


Saunders County Senior Services

1005 "O" St., Lincoln, NE  68508


Seward County Senior Services
105 "B" St., Milford, NE  68405

Butler County Senior Services
592 "D" St., David City, NE  68632 


York County Senior Services
2325 Nebraska Ave., York, NE  68467