The City of Lincoln Finance Department is proud to provide services to City and County residents and internal departments that is consistent, reliable and timely information.

The Finance Department is composed of five divisions: Accounting, Administration, Budget, City Clerk, City Treasurer and Purchasing. We strive to provide services to internal customers through support of both the City and County for information technology and purchasing. In addition, we seek to provide consistent, reliable and timely information in regards to City finances.

Department Head

Lyn Heaton

Finance Director

The City's Accounting office performs the following functions:

  • Maintain the credibility of financial information provided.
  • Improve the timeliness of financial reporting.
  • Increase the efficiency of services provided to our customers.
  • Improve accessibility to information by our customers.
  • Facilitate communications between Accounting and our customers.
  • Analyze new technology for opportunities to improve processes.
  • Evaluate business practices on an on-going basis.

The City's Budget office performs the following functions:

  • Educate Budget office customers and ourselves about current and future budget issues, including legal requirements.
  • Construct and maintain a budget process that meets the needs of our customers.
  • Participate in implementation of the new financial system to ensure that weaknesses of the old system are corrected and the new system is utilized to maximum advantage.
  • Prepare quality materials to present the budget to the media, public, and City Council to enhance the likelihood of those groups supporting the budget.
  • Make accurate and supportable revenue estimates.
  • Identify and research acceptable alternatives for controlling costs and enhancing revenues.


The City’s Clerk’s office performs the following functions:

  • Maintain a safe environment for official records.
  • Provide for cost‐effective solutions to customer needs.
  • Develop efficiencies with customers and office operations.
  • Provide easier interaction and communication between City Clerk and customers.
  • Pursue new technology.
  • Promote continuing education of staff and customers.
  • Provide/promote a worker-friendly environment.


The City’s Treasurer office performs the following functions:

  • Improve processes to eliminate redundancy.
  • Improve interaction and communication with our customers.
  • Offer convenient service for our customers.
  • Promote safety and security in the work environment.
  • Capture accurate financial information.
  • Provide information to educate our customers.
  • Ensure information is available in a timely manner.


Information Services supporting our community through innovation & technology. We provide IT to the City and County.


  • Applications
  • Customer Service
  • Data Analytics
  • Geospatial Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Network
  • Project Delivery
  • Security

The City's Purchasing office performs the following functions:

  • Provide, at the time and place needed, in the proper quantity and of the proper quality all materials, supplies, tools, and ser‐ vices required for the City's, County's and Building Commission's operations.
  • Secure such materials, supplies, tools and services at the lowest possible cost, consistent with prevailing economic conditions, while establishing and maintaining a reputation of fairness and integrity.
  • Furnish management with timely information and to advise them concerning market conditions and trends which could affect the future availability and price of any needed materials, supplies, tools or services.
  • Protect and preserve all materials which are being held in storage to meet future requirements.
  • Provide all traffic and transportation services necessary for the accomplishment of the above duties.
  • Obtain the greatest possible revenue from the disposal of by‐products and of surplus, damaged, or obsolete materials and equipment.
  • Encourage the procurement and use of recycled products.
  • Promote a safe work environment.
  • Pursue emerging technology.
  • Facilitate interaction and communications between the Purchasing office and our clients.