Electrical Contractors Licensing and Registration

Getting Started

  1. Complete the Contractor Registration Form
    • The Contractor Registration Form lets us know what information you want on file, who to contact, and allows you to submit your insurance information as part of the process. 
  2. Register for a Citizen Access account
    • Citizen Access is our online permitting system.  You will want to create an account as a contractor.  Contractor accounts do need special permissions add to the profile.  The process takes 24-48 hours to complete.  Please indicate the email address you plan to use in your Contractor Registration application.
  3. The Master Contractor must complete their registration online
    • Create an account online
    • Complete your annual registration


  • Submit an annual registration in Visual Vault by December 31st.  
  • Registrations will continue to be accepted until March 1st or the last working day in February.
  • Retesting may apply if your license expires.

Yearly License Fees

  • Master Contractor - $125 per year or $250 for biannual renewal
  • Fire Alarm Installer - $100
  • Journeyman and Apprentice are only required to complete their registration through the State of Nebraska.
  • Contact the Nebraska Electrical Division for more information regarding the State registration.