Mechanical Contractors Bond and Insurance

All contractors pulling permits will be required to provide a copy of their certificate of liability insurance to the Building and Safety Department. In addition to the COI, we will be requesting an endorsement page verifying the city of Lincoln is covered by additionally insured.


1. The name of the business must be on the certificate.

2. The policy must include the City of Lincoln as an additional insured under the general liability policy and the endorsement must be noted on the Certificate of Insurance by using the phrase "City of Lincoln as an additional insured." Please note the endorsement form number and include a copy of the endorsement. If the additional insured endorsement is restrictive, it must be an endorsement as it relates to a political subdivision issuing a permit. There is no written contractual relationship between the City of Lincoln and the insured, and those endorsements should not be used.

3. The certificate must have the signature of the authorized agent.

4. The policy number must be listed on the certificate. (Binder numbers are not acceptable.)

5. Must include minimum liability requirement of $500,000 each occurrence.

6. A certificate of insurance form is required. A standard ACORD form is acceptable.

7. Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and fire contractors must have a master's name listed on certificate as an insured. Example: Master Plumber Joe Smith as additional insured. (This does not apply to lawn sprinkler companies, street use, or sign contractors.)

8. If you are not doing work in the City right-of-way, a Bond is not required. Sign, Street Use, and Excavation Contractors must have a bond.