Mechanical Contractors Licensing and Registration

Step 1.Contractors Licensing and Registration

  • Each contractor needs to meet the minimum requirements outlined in the municipal code
  • Continuing mechanical education requirements include:
    • a master mechanical contractor or a master mechanic to have 8 hours
    • a journeyman mechanic to have 4 hours
  • These hours can be submitted through the visual vault system by uploading them to the CEU section
  • Helpful videos can be found click here
  • Submit an annual registration in Visual Vault by December 31st. Registrations will continue to be accepted until March 1st.


Step 2.Common Questions

  • How do I update the contractor I work for?  Log-in, go to My Profile, click Registrations, then Edit, update the contractor field, click Save.
  • Can apprentice complete their registration before a Master Contractor?  No, the system will only allow you submit registrations for people that have completed their registrations.  If you select the wrong contractor, that contractor will need to deny your request before you are able to select the correct contractor.

Step 3.Yearly License / Registration Fees

  • Mechanical
    • Master Contractor- $350
    • Inactive Master- $50
    • Journeyman- $25
    • Apprentice- $15
  • Deco Fireplace
    • Fireplace Contractor- $150
    • Fireplace Installer- $25
  • Refrigeration- Mechanical
    • Master Contractor- $250