Fence Installation

We Need Your Help?

It's the law, for your protection before you dig call 48 hours in advance of any digging to have your buried cables located 811 (IT'S FREE).

LES needs your help in maintaining the reliability of the electrical system in Lincoln. In most Lincoln subdivisions, a utility easement exists on the back-lot line of the subdivision lots.  LES locates the power equipment necessary to supply electricity to these lots in this corridor.

Whenever customers install fences or landscaping that obstruct access to the power equipment, increased power outage restoration time can result and create safety hazards for personnel maintaining equipment.

The customer's responsibility for the cost of correcting the obstruction could be eliminated if fencing/landscaping were initially installed to meet the needed clearances.

These clearance needs are required so that field personnel can safely operate the equipment.  The clearances are 10 ft. in from the opening side of all pad mounted transformers (the side with decals on lid) and 3 ft. on the opening side of the power pedestals (the side with the padlock).  On the other three sides of the transformers and power pedestals, a minimum of 12" clearance is needed

Does my fence have a front or back side? Do I need a PERMIT?

For a fence under 7' 0" high and in the side or rear yard, NO permit is required.

For a fence under 7' 0" high and either on a corner lot or at or near a driveway/alley, the applicant will be required to have the City Public Works Department review the fence request for compliance with City Sight Distance Standards. Call 441-7711 for any questions regarding required sight distances. No permit is required for questions. For a fence over 7'0" high a building a permit is required.

Where can my fence be located on my property?

A fence must be located completely on your property.  In most cases, your property line is located 4' behind the sidewalk.  If you are not sure where to find your property lines, you can contact a registered land surveyor to locate them for you.  Any questions regarding required sight distances please call City Public Works Department at 441-7711.

Where do I get permits?

At the Building and Safety Department, located at 555 S 10th St., suite 203.  If you have a contractor do your work, the contractor can obtain the necessary permits, but you should check to make sure the contractor has done so.

What do I need to bring in to get a Building Permit?

In general, you need two copies of a site plan. The building plans should include the type of construction and the elevation.

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Why are permits required?

Safety is the primary reason for requiring permits.  City inspectors check to make sure construction and installations are proper for the protection of your family and property, your neighbors, and buyers of your property.