Knox Box Program

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KnoxBox mounted on the side of a building.What is the Knox Box program?
The Knox Box program is a controlled key access program that allows LFR to access stored keys, in partnership with building owners, through a proprietary key system.  The LFR Knox Box system has been in place since 1984 and currently stores over 1500 property keys, in over 600 Knox Boxes throughout the City of Lincoln.

What is a “Knox Box”?
A Knox Box is a secured, reinforced steel, key box that LFR has access to.    

How does the Knox Box System work?
In the event of an incident at a property that has a Knox Box on location.  Any arriving LFR fire apparatus have a Knox Box key. This ensures that no matter which unit responds to the incident, LFR will have access to your property.  The Knox Box key is used to open the Knox Box on site and retrieve keys that have been placed in cooperation with the building representative and LFR prior to the incident.  This allows LFR timely access to the structure and decreases the potential of property damage due to forcible entry by LFR or additional damage that may be caused by not mitigating an incident earlier such as fire, a broken water pipe, or a fire alarm sounding.

Am I required to have a Knox Box?
See Lincoln Municipal Code, Title 19 Fire Prevention, Chapter 19.03 Fire Code, 19.03.140 Section 506.1 Amended; Key Boxes, Where Required


How do I get a Knox Box for my property?
Click on the link below to be taken to a third-party, authorized, in-state dealer to purchase a Knox Box for your property. Typical delivery time is 4-6 weeks from the Knox Corporation.

Who mounts the Knox Box?
The property owner or representative is responsible for mounting their Knox Box onto their property. After you have installed your Knox Box, please complete the "Open/Close My Knox Box" form below.

Where do I mount the Knox Box on my building?
LFR requests that it be within 10 feet of the main entrance, preferably closest to the fire alarm panel, between 5 and 6 feet high, visible from the roadway or parking area approaching the building.

What keys need to be inside of the Knox Box?
LFR requests that keys, fobs, RFID cards, be provided by the property owner or representative for doors that access: the building, apartments, suites, fire alarm panel, fire pump room, electrical panels, water supply controls, elevator controls, and HVAC controls be placed into the Knox Box for LFR to support fireground operations.

How do I open/close my Knox Box?
Only LFR can open or close your Knox Box.  If you need to have keys locked, please complete the OPEN/CLOSE MY KNOX BOX form and an on-duty crew will meet with you to open your Knox Box.  Please keep in mind that the crew is on-duty and may be dispatched to respond to an emergency call; if this occurs just prior to or during an appointment, the appointment time will be rescheduled with you and LFR.          

Can I purchase a Knox Box for my residence?
Yes, The Knox Corp produces residential Knox boxes.  Please keep in mind that these Knox Boxes only store a single key.

Can I give LFR the code to my personal lock box or the location of a hidden key on my property?
No, LFR does not store access codes or locations of hidden keys due to liability when property ownership is changed, also Lincoln Communications Center does not store access codes or locations of hidden keys.  If you want LFR to have access to your property, you are required to purchase a Knox Box for your property and contact LFR to secure it.

I have a different question about the Knox Box Program.
Please contact the LFR Battalion Chief in charge of the Knox Box Program.