Request a Smoke Alarm

To qualify for a free 10 year lithium battery operated smoke alarm the requesting person must meet the following criteria below:

  1. Reside in the City of Lincoln, NE
  2. You must be a homeowner and living in that home (not rental property), except in the cases of deaf or hard-of-hearing residents requesting DHH alarms (these are available to any deaf or hard-of-hearing resident regardless of whether they own or rent their home).
  3. Cannot afford to purchase smoke alarm, or considered low income household.
  4. Smoke alarm can be installed, or reached by LF&R personnel utilizing 2 1/2 foot A-frame ladder (Lincoln Fire & Rescue does NOT install smoke alarms, or replace batteries in smoke alarms located on vaulted or peaked ceilings).
  5. Lincoln Fire & Rescue MUST install the smoke alarm.

It should be reemphasized that NOT everyone will be eligible or meet the criteria for the service, due to the limited resources available. Exclusionary examples from the benefits of the free smoke alarms program include businesses, contractors, and rental properties.


Whether you live in a rented house or an apartment, your landlord is required by city code to provide you with a working smoke alarm. However, once installed properly and verified that the alarm is working correctly, it then becomes the responsibility of the tenant for maintaining the smoke alarm.

If you currently meet the listed criteria above, please provide the necessary information below: