Request an EMS Standby

Please make requests AT LEAST THIRTY (30) DAYS in advance!
LF&R will strive to meet your request but in the event of a shortage of resources, your request may be denied.

Download the LF&R Standby Service Contract and return signed copy and required documentation to the point of contact listed in Appendix C. Signed contract and documentation must by received 30 days prior to any approval of requested resources.

 LF&R Standby Services Contract(PDF, 127KB)

What We Offer

  • Ambulance Standby: One ambulance staffed with one paramedic and one EMT.
  • Fire Apparatus - Suppression: One fire engine and firefighters to staff the engine.
  • Fire Apparatus - Extrication: One fire truck and firefighters to staff the truck.
  • Command Staff: Supervisors assigned to oversee multiple LF&R resources assigned to an event.
  • Water Rescue Standby: Water rescue personnel and equipment

Any other requests must be approved by LFR's Point of Contact.