Communicable Disease

The Communicable Disease Program conducts surveillance of communicable diseases, investigates case reports and disease outbreaks, and implements measures designed to control the spread of communicable disease in the community. The program addresses communicable diseases and acute and chronic conditions that may have an impact on the health and well-being of Lincoln and Lancaster County residents. It works closely with medical providers, including physicians, hospitals and laboratories and monitors school absences to identify illnesses that may be circulating in the community. The Communicable Disease Program conducts activities to prevent, detect and control communicable disease spread in Lancaster County. These activities include:

  • Active and passive surveillance systems for identifying and tracking communicable disease activity within the community.
  • Follow-up epidemiologic investigations on reportable diseases.
  • Managing communicable disease outbreak investigations.
  • Provider and public education to raise public awareness of existing or potential communicable disease threats.

Program staff members support and assist the local health care provider community in addressing the prevention and control of communicable illness, educate the public about infectious diseases, and provide support to other community partners.

Communicable disease case numbers are reported in the Health Data and Reports section, both on a monthly basis for the current year and annual numbers for the past ten years. Local flu activity reports are posted during the months of a normal flu season (October to May).

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