Forging Strong Workplace Friendships to Accomplish Healthy Goals

LTU “Sludge Trudgers” win City of Lincoln and Lancaster County September Wellness Challenge.

It all began when Suzanne Oehm, Office Specialist, from Lincoln Wastewater System heard about the City-County Wellness 30-day step challenge. She was all in! Her recruiting mission was on.

The Recruits

Oehm recruited her small but mighty, and yes, winning team. Her Lincoln Wastewater System teammates included herself, Dale Arp, Systems Specialist, and Craig Samek, Process Control Technician. “Fitness and competitiveness are high on my list of characteristics. My goal was not just to participate but to win it! It was the accountability factor that I was looking for,” Oehm said.

Photo of Suzanne Oehm Suzanne Oehm
Photo of Dale Arp Dale Arp
Photo of Craig Samek Craig Samek

Fitness and walking are an everyday part of each team member’s normal lifestyle.

  • Oehm walks her dogs and takes nature hikes.
  • Arp walks, bikes and recently resumed running.
  • Samek walks 16,000 steps a day during his normal workday and regularly bikes to work.

Every Step Makes a Difference

Oehm said she walked four times the number of steps she would normally walk for this wellness challenge. Together, the team walked an amazing number of steps to reach their goal. They completed 1,571,000 steps in 30 days, walking every day without a break.

“More than 1.5 million steps in a month!” said Oehm.

To keep her team on the right path to success, Oehm sent positive uplifting messages along with her personal goals to the other team members to keep them motivated. Her teammates, in turn, shared their goals and status with her.

Motivational notes: You  can do it! Think It, Want It, Get It. Keep on Going • You can! Do it for yourself. Slow and Steady • Believe in Yourself. Don't Quit. Stay Strong and Power On.

Oehm really wanted to accomplish more than just winning this challenge. Because the Sludge Trudgers were all motivated to succeed, on the last day of the challenge, Oehm sent this heartfelt message to her teammates.

Message to teammates: Outside of the step challenge I would definitly want to have both of you as my teammates in any situation, as you clearly are committed and would go above and beyond normal measures to achieve a common goal. - Suzanne Oehm

Workplace Friends are Key to a Happier Life

According to Gallup, developing deeper friendships at work contributes to job satisfaction, increased production and lowers stress. Not only did these companions reap the above rewards, but they said by including exercise in their routine, it helped boost their energy which in turn, increased their motivation and focus. These teammates have forever created a lasting friendship and great memories!

Congratulations Sludge mates on your team trudging win!

Photo of the winning team with their certificates