South Folsom at Foxtail Meadows - Street Improvements

Project Summary

This project includes widening of South Folsom Street to accommodate turning traffic into Foxtail Meadows. Additional improvements include extensions of the existing pipe culverts in areas where South Folsom Street is widened, and a mill and overlay of South Folsom Street with base repairs where required.

Lincoln on the Move funding will be utilized in accordance with ballot language and supported by the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT).

Project Location

Project Funding

SOFO Housing and Lincoln on the Move funding will cover an additional $240,000 if the cost exceeds 1.4 million dollars at a 50/50 split.


Construction is anticipated to take place in 2023.

Access During Construction

Traffic along South Folsom Street may be shifted during construction of the widened pavement sections. During mill and overlay activities, access to South Folsom Street may be closed for short time periods. The traveling public is encouraged to find alternative routes and to use the WAZE app for assistance.

Project Contacts