2023 Residential PressurePave Project

The 2023 Residential PressurePave Project was completed as part of Lincoln's Pavement Preservation Program. This project preserved almost 3.5 miles of residential streets in the neighborhoods surrounding Lincoln Northeast High School and Brownell Elementary School. The following streets were included:

  • 61st Street from Baldwin Avenue to Adams Street
  • 62nd Street from Holdrege Street to Leighton Avenue
  • 62nd Street from Leighton Avenue to Huntington Avenue
  • 63rd Street from Holdrege Street to Leighton Avenue
  • 63rd Street from Huntington Avenue to Adams Street
  • Baldwin Avenue from 56th Street to Cotner Boulevard
  • Huntington Avenue from 56th to 63rd streets
  • Colby Street from 56th to 63rd streets
  • Francis Street from 56th to 63rd streets
  • Donald Street from Francis Street to Donald Court

Work included filling the existing voids and sealing all of the cracks in the asphalt. A 1/4-inch wearing surface was then applied to the prepared surface. This product addresses streets that have deteriorated past the point of an asphalt rejuvenation but are not in poor enough condition to require a mill and overlay. Each PressurePave application should delay the need for a more costly mill and overlay by at least 10 years or more. Minor repairs by City Street Maintenance crews and/or the contractor prior to the PressurePave application are also included.

Watch: 2022 PressurePave Project Completed Project & Construction Process

Project Area



Construction took place in summer 2023.

Project Contacts

  • Zach Becker, Construction Engineer

    City of Lincoln, Asset Management and Performance
    Email: zbecker@lincoln.ne.gov
    Phone: 402-613-3763

  • Bryant Donelson, Project Contractor

    Donelson Construction Company
    Email: bdonelson@cleverstone.com
    Phone: 417-848-3117