2024 Residential PressurePave Project

The 2024 Residential PressurePave Project is being completed as part of Lincoln's Pavement Preservation Program. This project will preserve approximately 6.5 miles of residential streets.

Work includes filling the existing voids and sealing all of the cracks in the asphalt, followed by application of a ¼-inch wearing surface. This product addresses streets that have deteriorated past the point of an asphalt rejuvenation but are not in poor enough condition to require a mill and overlay. Each PressurePave application should delay the need for a more costly mill and overlay by at least 10 years or more. Minor repairs by City Street Maintenance crews and/or the contractor prior to the PressurePave application are also included.

YouTube video Watch: 2022 Completed Project and Construction Process  (2:53)

Project Areas

This project is still in the early planning stage. Information is subject to change.



Construction will be in summer to fall 2024.

Access During Construction

Temporary street closures will be in effect the day the material is applied to the street. The material takes one hour to cure before it can be driven on. Residents will receive an advisory letting them know when their street will be worked on and what to expect. The contractor will provide traffic coordinators throughout the neighborhood to assist with traffic and inform residents where it is safe to drive and park. PLEASE stop and ask them for assistance.

Residents should remove vehicles from the roadway by the day of construction and wait until the day following material application to resume parking on the street to allow the material to finish curing. Also, avoid turning the steering wheel of your vehicle while sitting still on the new materials as you enter and leave your driveway. Even though the material has cured enough to drive on, it will not handle the twisting of your tires and can damage the material and leave permanent marks.

Project Contacts

  • Russ Gasper, Construction Engineer

    City of Lincoln, LTU Project Delivery
    Email: rgasper@lincoln.ne.gov
    Phone: 402-580-8438

  • Bryant Donelson, Project Contractor

    Donelson Construction Company
    Email: bdonelson@cleverstone.com
    Phone: 417-848-3117