Saratoga Elementary School Zone Improvements

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) is implementing a project to improve safety in the Saratoga Elementary school zone. Plans include reducing the crossing distance at the pedestrian signal, extending the reduced speed zone and installing new crosswalks with ADA accessible curb ramps.

The project includes the following improvements:

  • Shortening the crossing distance at the pedestrian signal. To accomplish this, we will extend the bike lane in the southbound lanes from South Street to Saratoga Avenue. This will reduce southbound South 13th Street from two lanes to one lane. In the northbound lane, we will adjust the pavement markings so that it does not widen to two lanes until Hudson Street, north of the crosswalk.
  • Constructing an additional reduced speed flasher for southbound traffic on North 13th Street, north of South Street. This will slow southbound traffic before they reach school property.
  • Constructing curb ramps on the north leg of North 11th Street and Saratoga Avenue. The ramps on the east leg of the intersection will also be reconstructed to comply with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
  • Adding pavement markings and signage for crosswalks on the north and east legs of North 11th Street and Saratoga Avenue.
  • Reducing the base posted speed limit on South 13th Street adjacent to the school and bike lane from 35 MPH to 30 MPH.
  • Reducing the speed on the school flashers located on South 13th Street and on South Street from 25 MPH to 20 MPH. These speed zones are active during arrival and dismissal times.
  • Posting “Speed Limit 20 MPH When Children Present” signs on Saratoga Avenue.


The project is anticipated to begin the first week in August 2022, with most work expected to be complete before school starts. Ramp construction may extend into the fall depending on contractor availability.

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