8th Street Sidewalk Improvements

Project Summary

The City of Lincoln has identified a need to improve the sidewalk and pedestrian right-of-way along the west side of North 8th Street in front of the businesses between 311 and 321 North 8th Street. These improvements are necessary to enhance the public space in this area, while also improving the functionality and accessibility for residents and customers to the local businesses.

Project Location

Improvements in this area will include:

  • Construction of new steps at the edge of the dock in front of the existing business entrances
  • Construction of a new ADA access ramp to allow users easier access from the street sidewalk up to the businesses
  • Installation of new fence and railings along the face of the dock to tie this area into the overall aesthetic of the Haymarket district

Project Funding


The improvements to the sidewalk are anticipated to be completed this summer or early-fall.

Please note that the project schedule has been developed with regards to special events in the area (Haymarket Farmer’s Market, UNL home football games), and the project team will work with the Contractor to ensure that all special provisions to the contract are adhered to and that access to all businesses is maintained. The project construction schedule is dependent on the fabrication of railings and fence to be installed with the sidewalk improvements. If fabrication should be delayed the construction schedule will be extended and all other provisions will be in effect with regards to maintaining access to the businesses and residents in the area.

Access During Construction

The work with this project will be completed in a manner that ensures access to adjacent businesses and residences is maintained at all times. At times throughout the project the public sidewalk may be closed to through traffic, and pedestrians may have to use an alternate route to reach their destination. Any temporary changes to access that are necessary to complete the project will be coordinated between the Contractor, the City, and the business owners.

Project Contacts

  • Tyler Lacey, Construction Project Manager
    City of Lincoln, LTU Asset Management and Performance

  • Zach Becker, Design Engineer
    City of Lincoln, LTU Asset Management and Performance