Professional Development

The Lincoln Transportation and Utilities transit system, also called StarTran, wants to invest in its team members. There are several opportunities for professional development in the division and with the department. Apply today.

Commercial Driver’s License:

Lincoln’s transit system believes in its team and wants to invest in its people by offering training to teammates hired to become bus operators for the City of Lincoln. No experience is required. The transit system covers all costs for teammates to earn their commercial driver’s licenses. This training is six to eight weeks long and focuses on a variety of subjects including safety, rules of the road, operation policies and procedures and lots more. Commercial driver’s licenses are required for people who operate commercial vehicles for a living, such as buses.

Journeyman Mechanic Certification:

Lincoln’s transit system is a vital part of the Lincoln community. Keeping the buses safe for riders and bus operators is essential to its success. The transit system offers mechanics training opportunities to become Journeyman mechanics. The process takes about two years to complete. Lincoln’s transit system covers the cost of the test to encourage its team members to continue in their education and enhance their skillsets.

Safety Meetings:

Lincoln’s transit system makes safety a top priority. Safety meetings and review sessions are a routine part of continued training for all transit employees.

Zelle Supervisor Training:

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) continues to find ways to invest back in its team members in each of its divisions including Lincoln’s transit system. LTU has teamed up with Zelle HR Solutions to offer additional tools and training to boost positive manager-employee relationships and support a healthy workplace culture. New teammates stepping into supervisory roles and teammates promoted to supervisory roles are offered this training to add additional tools they can use throughout their careers in these important leadership roles.

Knowledge Center Training Opportunities:

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) offers additional training on a variety of items including learning Excel, Word and PowerPoint programs for all LTU teammates from all divisions. Training classes are free. The Knowledge Center is equipped with additional computers and technology that is solely dedicated to providing employees with more opportunities to enhance their knowledge of programs that are commonly used in the workplace.

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