Sidewalk Management

Safe, accessible, pedestrian friendly neighborhoods are a priority for our community.

Construction of New Sidewalks

Property owners or builders are responsible for constructing sidewalks adjacent to properties where sidewalks do not currently exist. In new subdivisions, sidewalks are normally required on both sides of all streets as well as adjacent to arterial streets. For inspection and determination of elevations and setbacks in new developments, contact the Right of Way Services Division at 402-441-7558.

In older areas of Lincoln, sidewalks may be constructed with a special assessment district where the property owners are assessed for the cost of the sidewalk. If you wish to learn more about that process, please contact the Asset Management Division at 402-441-7711. More info: Special Assessment Districts

Lincoln's Sidewalk Repair Program

The goal of the sidewalk repair program is to make sidewalks safe and accessible for all users. When sidewalks deteriorate, they create hazards for all pedestrians and limit the ability of individuals with physical challenges to reach their destination. The repair program identifies and prioritizes sidewalk defects based on different parameters set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The intent of the sidewalk repair program is to repair as many sidewalk defects as funding allows.

Who is Responsible for Repairing Sidewalks?

As a result of the November 1990 and May 1992 elections, sidewalk repair along the public street systems is the responsibility of the City of Lincoln. The Lincoln Transportation & Utilities Department (LTU) surveys designated areas and utilizes City staff or hires private contractors to perform needed repairs. The Sidewalk Repair Program is funded through the City's General Fund or Street Construction budgets.

Report sidewalks in need of repair

Sidewalk Reimbursement Program

When funds are available, the City offers a limited sidewalk reimbursement program for property owners who wish to hire a contractor to repair the sidewalk. The City will reimburse up to $3 per square foot for mud jacking and $6 per square foot for replacement. The steps in the sidewalk reimbursement process are:

  • The owner must first contact LTU to have the sections of sidewalk marked that qualify for the program.
  • Once the sidewalk has been removed, the new forms are set and the subgrade has been compacted the contractor must call 402-441-7541 for inspection at least one work day prior to pouring concrete.
  • When the job is complete, the contractor will send the property owner a bill. The property owner should pay the contractor directly and submit a copy of the bill to LTU. The property owner will be reimbursed with the above rates typically within 6-8 weeks.

Please Note: Once the sidewalk has been marked and approved for reimbursement, the property owner has 60 days to complete the work and submit the invoice to the City. If the invoice has not been received within that time, the funds return to the reimbursement program for the next eligible location.

If you have further questions, please contact LTU at 402-441-7541 or

Permits and Standards

Sidewalk Permit Application

Permits are required for any new construction performed on sidewalks or drive approaches.

  • Residential new construction - $50.00
  • Commercial new construction - $125.00

The permit is for new sidewalk and curb cuts. It can be obtained from the Development Services Center at the City/County Building at 555 South 10th Street (2nd floor) or the City’s website at

Sidewalk Construction Standards

Sidewalk construction within the public right-of-way shall conform to the standards set forth in the Lincoln Standard Plans and Specifications.


Minimum Width: Four feet or same as existing sidewalk

Minimum Thickness: Four inches except across driveways (residential driveways are five inches, commercial driveways are six inches).

Cross Slope: The cross slope of sidewalks shall be 1.5% desired, 2% absolute maximum. When existing conditions do not allow for the sidewalk to meet this requirement, reference the transition panel detail on LSP 605.

Subgrade Preparation: Flat, dry, compacted dirt, rock, or sand. Additional information on subgrade preparation can be found in Lincoln Standard Specifications Chapter 2.10.

Forms: Wooden or steel, straight and true to line and grade, sloping a maximum of 2% toward street. Additional information on concrete formwork can be found in Lincoln Standard Specifications Chapter 4.03.

Concrete: The standard City concrete mix design for sidewalks is the L3500 mix as shown in Lincoln Standard Specifications, Chapter 3, Table 3.01B.

Concrete Placement: Concrete shall be thoroughly consolidated by means of mechanical vibration. Concrete shall be struck off even, floated smooth, jointed at a distance equal to the width of the sidewalk, tool edges, and broom finished perpendicular to traffic flow. Curing of sidewalk must occur using a liquid membrane curing compound or wet burlap. Reference Lincoln Standard Specifications 4.05 to 4.07 for additional information.

Please Note: An LTU inspector must examine forms before concrete is poured. Please call at least one work day in advance to schedule an inspection. If an inspection is not scheduled, the work is subject to be removed and replaced if it does not meet specifications.

See references below for additional detail on standards:

Snow & Ice Removal – Sidewalks & Curb Ramps

The Lincoln Municipal Code, Section 14.80, requires adjacent property owners to clear sidewalks of snow and ice accumulations by 9:00 a.m. the morning following the end of each storm. LTU will notify property owners who have not cleaned the sidewalks or ramps according to code requirements. Due to staff limitations, this is primarily enforced on a complaint basis. In the case of non-compliance, the City may have the sidewalk cleared for the property owner and assess the property owner for the cost per the Lincoln Municipal Code. Report property locations to LTU at 402-441-7541 or use the UPLNK app.

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