Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is an integral part of street maintenance operations. Some of the objectives of street sweeping are: improving safety, preventing materials from entering the stormwater drainage systems and providing a clean appearance for residents and visiting public.

Streets are continually subject to dust and dirt from residential/commercial construction, blown in by wind or tracked by vehicles, from fallen leaves and other debris. The sweepers have a high dump hopper that utilizes a hydraulic lift to dump the debris into a dump truck. The dump trucks then deposit the debris into appropriate holding areas throughout the City, which eventually are transported to the landfill.

The residential streets are swept annually on an “as needed” basis, which means higher density areas with more mature vegetation will be swept at a higher frequency than outlying new developments with less mature vegetation. Weather and temperature impact the start and end dates. The order of residential areas swept differs annually, so the last area swept one year may be the first swept the following year. Arterial streets are swept on a monthly rotation, with business districts being swept every eleven days.

Street sweeper and dump truck

The City residential streets are divided into grids, called “Districts.” Each district has four “Sub-Districts,” which help staff to ensure that all residential streets are swept. The City arterial streets are divided into thirty routes and seven business districts.

If you have questions about street sweeping operations, please call 402-441-7701.