Cross Connection Control

The goal of the Lincoln Water System Cross-Connection Control Program is to protect the health of all its customers and their families throughout the City of Lincoln. A Cross-Connection Control Program is required by the Nebraska State Health Department, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (The Safe Drinking Water Act) to protect the public from contaminated water.

Even though the water that reaches your home or business is safe, it can be contaminated within your own piping system and could degrade water quality in the rest of the City's water system. This is why Lincoln Water System administers a Cross-Connection Control Program--to insure that potable drinking water contamination does not happen.

Cross Connection Plumbing Survey

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services requires water utilities in Nebraska to have all water customers inspect their plumbing systems for potential cross connections with the public water supply and ensure these connections are properly protected against backflow or back-siphonage. Please complete a simple survey to assist in compliance with State of Nebraska public water supply regulations and protect Lincoln's drinking water.

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