7-step Guide to the Lead Service Line Replacement Process

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The City of Lincoln Water System has made replacing lead or lead-contaminated galvanized service lines easy. Follow the City’s seven steps to a new copper service line.


Property owners are crucial to the process; by signing the Service Line Verification and Replacement Agreement (SLVRA), they authorize any necessary digging to inspect and replace the service line pipe.


Our Lincoln Water System team member, City contracted plumber, or designated representative will examine your service line located at the water meter inside your home to verify the type of pipe. If necessary, an additional inspection will be conducted at the shut-off valve in your yard, which will involve some digging.


If your service line is not a lead or lead-contaminated galvanized service line, no replacement is needed. If a lead-contaminated service line is found, it’s time to act! Our team will develop a replacement plan and share it with the property owner before work begins.


Next, the plumber and property owner will set a date for the replacement work. Please keep in mind that the plumber will need to work in the home near the water meter on the day of the replacement.

Replacement Day

On the scheduled day, the plumber will perform the replacement work. Work may include additional digging outside and/or replacing the water meter. Typically, the water is shut-off for less than two hours.


Plumbers will seal any openings to the home created during the process. Please note that repairs to drywall, paint, and floor coverings are not included in the service. The affected yard will be brought up to grade and grass seeds will be planted. Property owners are responsible for the aftercare, including watering the new seeds. Any standard pavement that was removed will be replaced.

NOTE: Property owners will receive a $100 credit on their water bill post-replacement to aid in any additional restoration costs related to the service line replacement. This credit reduces to $50 if digging occurs in the yard but no replacement occurs.

Post-Work Care

Property owners will receive a two-year warranty on the new service line. After the work is completed, residents will be given instructions on how to flush their plumbing. To protect against any potential lead particles, a pitcher filter will be provided. Additionally, three months after the replacement, a lead test kit will be mailed to the home to ensure the water’s safety.