Lead Service Line Replacement Program Additional Information and FAQ

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The City of Lincoln Water System understands that agreeing to have your service line replaced is an important decision. That is why we have included the information in this packet to help you make an informed decision.

Additional Information

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$50 - $100 Water Bill Credit

Property owners will receive a $100 credit on their water bill post-replacement to aid in any additional restoration costs related to the service line replacement, such as landscaping or cosmetic restoration. This credit reduces to $50 if digging occurs in the yard but no replacement occurs.

Open Houses

Lincoln Water System intends to invite neighbors to a public open house to learn more about the replacement program. Look for a postcard in your mailbox in the coming weeks.

Your home will be sealed...

Restoration of exterior walls and floors impacted by the service line replacement is included in the service. The property owner will be responsible for any drywall repair, repainting, floor coverings, and other cosmetic restoration issues.

...and your yard will be seeded

Restoration services include bringing impacted landscaping back to grade and planting grass seed. Property owners are responsible for watering the newly seeded areas. Flowers, shrubs, and trees impacted by the work will not be replaced. Property owners are encouraged to dig up and protect living plant material prior to the start of work. Any disturbed hardscaping or permanent structures, such as stones, fences, and bricks, will remain on the property for reuse by the property owner. Standard pavement that was removed will be replaced.

A Typical Water Service Line in Lincoln

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you inviting me to participate in the Lead Service Line Replacement Program?

Records indicate your service line is made of lead or galvanized pipe and needs to be replaced. Lincoln Water System maintains records of privately-owned water service lines. The records submitted by plumbers and from our own inspection reports help inform us of the pipe material in your service line. Sometimes, these records are incomplete, and we rely on the age of the home to determine if lead pipe may be present. Lead service lines may be in homes built prior to 1950.

When will the plumbing work occur?

Your home will be eligible for replacement while the Lead Service Line Replacement Program is working in your neighborhood beginning summer 2024.

Will I be able to discuss the details of the work with the plumber before the work begins?

Yes. This program has the added benefit of allowing one-to-one interaction between the plumber performing the replacement and the property owner. You will have an opportunity to discuss the work being performed and to schedule your replacement directly with the plumber.

Does this program replace or require property owners to replace other lead-containing plumbing inside the home?

No. The Lead Service Line Replacement Program only replaces lead-containing service lines, the pipe that connects your home to the City’s water main. In some instances, we may be able to replace a short section of lead pipe after the meter. Plumbing after the meter is not required to be replaced.

How long will I be without water?

Usually, the water service is disrupted for less than two hours.

How long does the replacement take?

Usually, a service line can be replaced in one day. Restoring sidewalks and streets usually takes a few days longer to complete. If unexpected challenges surround the service lines, the replacement may take longer. The contracted plumber will be able to provide a more defined schedule prior to work.

Do you need to enter my home?

The contracted plumber or City’s representative will need access to the home to inspect the service line where the service line enters the building, typically in a basement or crawl space. The plumber will also need access to this area during replacement work so the service line can be properly connected inside the building. Indoor plumbing work usually takes place in one day.

What will my property look like when the work is complete?

As with any outdoor home improvement, a property owner should plan for some impacts to the yard in order to complete the replacement taking place underground. Care will be taken to minimize any disturbance. Basic home and yard restoration is included which means holes in the yard will be filled and grass seed will be applied, standard concrete will be replaced, and exterior walls and floors will be sealed properly. Property owners will receive a $50 or $100 credit to their water bills for cosmetic repairs like landscaping and painting. Please see the included Service Line Verification and Replacement Agreement for more details.

When will I see the $50 or $100 credit appear on my bill?

The credit will appear on the property owner’s bill shortly after the work is completed.

Will my water and wastewater service charge increase?

There is potential for your water and wastewater service charge to increase due to the larger, copper service line being installed. A larger water meter may be needed to accommodate the new service line. The estimated increase is up to $9 per month.