Role Model Business Program

As part of the Waste Reduction & Recycling Assistance Program (WRRAP), this program seeks to highlight businesses that have been successful at implementing a recycling program so that they can serve as role models to other businesses. Selected businesses will be interviewed on how they overcame barriers to become recycling leaders in the community, and a resulting profile will be posted on the City of Lincoln’s web page. Role Model Businesses will also be highlighted on the City’s social media channels.

Why participate?

Businesses that have worked hard to implement a successful recycling program deserve to be recognized for their efforts. They have the opportunity to inspire other businesses to reduce waste and increase recycling. The recognition and publicity that businesses will earn in this program can serve to promote and enhance their reputations in the community.

Which businesses are eligible?

All Lincoln and Lancaster County businesses or non-profit organizations who have applied and been accepted into the Recycle Lincoln Leadership Recognition Program are eligible.

How to apply?

  • Apply to the Recycle Lincoln Leadership Recognition Program
  • Once accepted, you will be eligible for a “Role Model Business” interview
  • Businesses selected for the program will be contacted to set up an interview