Solid Waste Management Plan

The Solid Waste Management Plan for Lincoln and Lancaster County is a guidance document, communication tool, and a resource for policy decisions regarding solid waste management systems, facilities and programs.

The Transportation and Utilities Department and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department facilitated the development of the Solid Waste Plan 2040 with a planning process that included numerous opportunities for public participation and involvement in 2012 and 2013.

In 2020, the City of Lincoln (City) began preparing a 5-year update of Solid Waste Plan 2040(PDF, 5MB). This update provides an overview and outcomes of the planning process.

PDFSolid Waste Management Plan 2020 5-Year Update(PDF, 5MB)

Advisory Committee

As part of the process to create the Solid Waste Plan 2040, Mayor Chris Beutler appointed an Advisory Committee comprised of a broad cross-section of community leaders. The Advisory Committee reviewed the components of the Plan, evaluated community inputs, provided guidance and feedback, and proposed changes appropriate for inclusion in plan.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Mike Ayars
  • Gary Bergman
  • Eileen Bergt
  • Ann Bleed
  • Jack Coogan (Committee Chair)
  • Tim Farmer
  • Steve Hatten
  • Paul Johnson
  • Coby Mach
  • Dan Kurtzer
  • Casey Larkins
  • Jeanelle Lust
  • Sarah Murtagh
  • Adam Prochaska (Committee Vice-Chair)
  • Sue Quambusch
  • Jane Raybould
  • DiAnna Schimek
  • Cecil Steward
  • Meghan Sullivan
  • Chris Zegar

All Advisory Committee meetings(PDF, 146KB) were open to the public and included an opportunity for public comment.

Public Involvement

In-person and on-line Public Open House Meetings were held at the following key milestones in the planning process:

  • Needs Assessment
    Public Open House – November 13, 2012
    Virtual Town Hall – November 6-20, 2012
  • System Definition
    Public Open House – August 13, 2013
    Virtual Town Hall – August 6-20, 2013

Three newsletters(PDF, 372KB) were published, and input(PDF, 553KB) from the public, businesses, and stakeholders was gathered during the planning process.

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