Managing Yard Waste

From April 1 to December 1 of every year, grass and leaves (including crabgrass and pine needles) cannot be mixed with other waste for general waste collection. Yard waste must be free of plastic bags, garbage, litter, and no tree trimmings over 1” in diameter. Any tree trimmings over 1” will harm the machines used to make compost at the Bluff Road Landfill. Tree trimmings, garden waste and weeds may go with regular household garbage. Garbage collectors often request that tree branches be cut to certain lengths and bundled. Contact your collector for details.

Grass and Leaves

Try Mulching or Composting

An easy option is to leave grass clippings on the lawn or to place clippings around plantings as mulch. Proper mulching benefits lawns and other plants.

Grass and leaves also are used for composting. Backyard composting workshops are offered each Spring and Fall by the Lincoln Recycling Office in cooperation with UNL Extension in Lancaster County. Lincoln also has a backyard composting demonstration area located at Pioneers Park Nature Center.

Contact A Collector

Local garbage collectors offer yard waste removal services. This is in addition to your regular trash service and generally is offered in early spring through November 30.

Big Red Worms accepts compostable materials year-round, including yard waste. Contact or 402-476-9340 to schedule a drop-off.

Collection Reminders

It is important that yard waste does not get mixed in with regular trash. If someone mows or tends to your yard for you, please inform them of where to place yard waste.

Yard waste may be placed in carts provided by garbage collectors, large paper bags provided by many retailers, or 32 gallon trash cans with lids. Plastic bags are not allowed for disposal of yard waste. Note that tree trimmings over 1" in diameter are collected with regular trash.

yard waste bin You may subscribe to yard waste collection through your local garbage collector

Haul Grass/Leaves Yourself

You may take your grass/leaves to the North 48th Street Transfer Station, 5101 N. 48th St. Yard waste must be free of garbage, litter, and tree trimmings over 1" in diameter. Yard waste must be removed from plastic bags at the transfer station.

Wood Waste

City of Lincoln

Branches can be taken to the North 48th Street Transfer Station to be chipped. Gate fees apply.

The City cannot provide on-site chipping for your branches or other yard debris. However, many tree service providers can come to your location and remove your branches or provide you with a chipping service. Look under "Tree Service" in your phone book.

Local Businesses

Big Red Worms accepts a variety of compostable materials, including wood waste. Contact or 402-476-9340 to schedule a drop-off.

Hofeling Enterprises, 2200 S Folsom Court, will accept branches and wood waste during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. No treated or painted lumber is accepted. Residents can also obtain landscape mulch through Hofeling Enterprises for a nominal fee. Please call 402-438-8733 with questions.

wood waste


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