Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Underneath and throughout Lincoln are over 1,000 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 15 pumping stations that keep the wastewater flowing to two municipal water resource recovery facilities.

The Theresa Street Water Resource Recovery Facility sits on 51 acres along Salt Creek in the north central section of the City. As Lincoln expanded to the east, the Northeast Water Resource Recovery Facility was constructed just south of Interstate 80 and east of Highway 77. The Theresa Street facility has a maximum capacity of recovering 28 million gallons per day and on an average day presently recovers about 20 million gallons of water. The Northeast facility currently recovers about five million gallons per day. That adds up to 25 million gallons of water per day running through the recovery facilities – enough to fill Holmes Lake in three and one-half days.

Theresa Street Water Resource Recovery Facility(JPG, 126KB) Theresa Street Water Resource Recovery Facility

Northeast Water Resource Recovery Facility(JPG, 113KB) Northeast Water Resource Recovery Facility

Treatment Process

Operations and maintenance staff operate and maintain over 5,200 pieces of equipment between the recovery facilities, and the process can be categorized into eight components. Each component contributes to the overall treatment and final quality of the recovered water before it is discharged to Salt Creek.


Biosolids are created through the wastewater treatment process. This product is a dry, nutrient-rich matter that is used as a soil-like fertilizer on crops.

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Other Services and Information

The Lincoln Wastewater System provides 24-hour service to City of Lincoln customers. Employees are on-call to respond to citizen's service problems or questions throughout the year. If you experience sewer service problems you should call 402-441-7961. A field crew will investigate the nature of the problem as soon as possible.